Roadmap 2019

1st Quarter 2019

Complete BHIG/ OEN Token Holders rewards and distribution.
– Launch website and Social Media. List on first 2 exchanges
– Apply and get listed on CoinMarketCap.
– Finalize development criteria
for BHIG Exchange.
Finalize and outsource development of BHIG marketplace
Swap Original Oen Token for BHIG Reward Token (BRT). BRT to be used for all future Reward Program Phases.
. . .

2nd Quarter 2019

Complete Phase 4 of Rewards Program (BTC).
List on Top 20 CMC Listed Exchange.
BHIG Marketplace Online
Detailed update on BHIGEX and functionality.
. . .

3rd Quarter 2019

Complete Phase 5 of Rewards Program (Update as and when decided)
List on another CMC Top 20 Listed Exchange.
BHIGEX Testing.
. . .

4th Quarter 2019

Complete Phase 6 of Rewards Program
BHIGEX Launches!

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