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What is BHIG?

We are a private group of investors who got together to pool our resources, experience and knowledge. We intend to use our wealth of resources and talents to create value in our cryptocurrency token. We shall enhance this value by having rewards and incentives. The size and frequency of these rewards will be solely dependent on BHIG’s performance. We aim to be the ‘must-have’ in all Crypto portfolios.

We truly feel that by BHIG being successful, and by BHIG sharing our success with Public Investors we can build this into a noteworthy and successful community.

Obviously ‘ proof is in the Pudding’ as we Brits like to say. Over time we shall provide this proof.


BHIG are excited at this time to release preliminary details of 2 ‘Work in Progress’ projects that will be online in 2019.

Firstly BHIG Marketplace; We feel this will be the talk of 2019 amongst online retailing and crypto investing, and most everything in between! BHIG Marketplace will be an online membership discount Megastore. With unparalleled Discounts on anything online, from smartphones to fashion goods! Your one stop marketplace for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

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Secondly BHIGEX; This will be BHIG’s Decentralized Exchange with features never offered before on current Exchanges. BHIG aim to provide a Safe Harbour for Hodlers whilst allowing freeing up of capital funds for trading! A bridging mechanism for encouragement of hodling and trading alike! BHIGEX will also have other features and novelties aimed at user participation and improving the overall concept of Exchanges. Every user of BHIGEX will receive a percentage back every 90 days based on their volume spend, regardless of their Profit and Loss during that period!



The Roadmaps


1st Quarter 2019


2nd Quarter 2019


3rd Quarter 2019


4th Quarter 2019

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Don Carr



Lisa James



Lee Milburn

Social Media Adviser


Shaun Helmsley

Social Media Adviser


Hendra Samudra

BHIG's Ambassador


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